An insight into the manufacturing process at TAG Heuer



We work closely with both TAG Heuer’s engineers as well as their manufacturing specialists. Our interest is to test the limits and possibilities of what can be made into order to design the most avant garde timepieces.



Let us take you through our recent visit to LVMH’s subsidiary, Cortech, where the cases are produced, and LVMH’s subsidiary, Artecad, where the dials are made. From a block of steel to a finished timepiece…


1. The life of a case begins as a strip of metal

2. The leftover flash from the initial stamping process

3. The journey from a rudimentary cut shape to the final case we all know and love. Here it takes 15 stampings

4. One of the dies



5. More tools of the trade

6. A punch for the Aquaracer bezel

7. Ready to be finished

8. The pink coating is a fine paint allowing the polisher to know precisely which surfaces have been worked on



9. The dial blanks

10. Holes added for the axis of the hands to pass through

11. Hand polishing

12. Dials ready for application of luminescent paint



13. Case and dial fitted together, waiting for inspection and testing

14. Every watch is inspected

15. Meanwhile components to the movement are hand applied

16. Pressurised container to check water resistance


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