Meridiist Infinite aims for the sun




The original Meridiist was focused on the sole purpose of being the ultimate voice communication tool; it’s a telephone, after all. Perfecting this single function allowed us to focus on efficiency and longevity. While generations of inferior plastic phones will come and go, will carry on working perfectly and looking amazing, delivering exceptional quality for many years to come. It‘s built to last. Instead of creating disposable objects destined for landfill, we at CBD believe that design should aim to create products which get better with age.



Building on this admirable philosophy, comes the Meridiist Infinite featuring a perpetual power reserve. For the first time, a communication instrument can maintain the charge level of its battery in standby mode, meaning the possibility of never being without power. An invisible photovoltaic component is built into the sapphire crystal screen, which produces enough electricity under certain natural or artificial light sources to charge the phone.



This new endeavor ties into our studio’s goal of combining award winning luxury product design with a vision for the future of solar energy. The Meridiist Infinite will be available in a limited quantity of 1911 units.


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