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RE-Charge from Studio Behling on Vimeo.


In association with Reebok, the ultimate running experience of the future. This is the first trainer to create energy and harness it to tailor the shoe to the athlete’s needs.


The Reecharge Shoe
Using technology that harnesses the piezoelectric effect (where mechanical energy can we converted into electricity and vice versa) we were able to propose an intelligent suspension system – Reecharge.



Energy created from the impact of the shoe hitting the ground is stored and redistributed to the orange “engines” which adjust the stiffness of the sole at 12 pressure points to suit the terrain and the athlete’s running style as required.


The Reecharge monitor
Showing the pressure points it allows the runner to adjust the style and prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.It gives feedback on strain and posture to target specific training routines. It is also possible to set your running mode for optimum suspension: warm up / training / race



The Setting- Solar Marina Race track
A circular platform sweeping above the water surface. The solar-marina has a diameter of 300 m creating up to 1100Kw per hour electricity.

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interview: http://www.wallpaper.com/video/reebok_behling_2/christoph-behling/1098597423001


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