Link Lady Collection





The Link Lady marks our latest attempt at designing a sensuous feminine watch, whilst reinterpreting the codes of Link and proposing a fresh new take on it. Along with the F1 steel and ceramic range, it marks the beginning of a bright future for the TAG Heuer ladies collection.



The surface of each Link is sculpted like a unique piece of jewellery, each forming a fluid shape without beginning or end. A form not defined by edges or cuts but by infinity, beauty and sensuality.


The design of each Link is an expression of complex-simplicity. It feels effortless on your wrist but look closer and discover a complex shape, beautifully crafted and unique.



For the first time the design started from the bracelet. Guided by the unique sensual shape of the LINK we sketched the design like a piece jewellery.

Unlike normal bracelets it is not compressed “held” between the horns of the case. The Links mysteriously “holds on to” the case.



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