Mikrotimer Launch



The Mikrotimer is accurate to a staggering 1/1000th of a second. A chronograph of this calibre is clearly an impressive technical achievement. We wanted the design to reflect this – to feel engineered for performing.



This ultra-engineered theme begins on the case. We thought it was necessary for the horns to be attached separately to the case, to allow flexibility on material choices and optimum geometry for lightness, and to communicate that this watch means serious business!



Readability is paramount. The first thing you notice is the neon yellow used on the 1000 and the chrono-second hand – the same colour Tag Heuer use on their professional sports timing equipment, for its high visibility.



Like the Mikrograph, the dial is based on a large applied ring that shows the 1000th scale as well as the minute scale, centering around a central zone that has seemingly naked milled finish known as ‘cote de geneve’, as if the components of the dial have been directly applied to the movement.


The overall effect is a watch that feels like it was designed by an engineer – a design that celebrates the watch’s incredible capability, but does not stand in its way. It seems strange to try and design something to look as if it has not been designed, but sometimes that’s exactly what makes a good design.


For more information please go to: www.tagheuer.com


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