Atelier Retail Concept



China and beyond- we developed the design and concept for ATELIER,a chain of luxury boutiques for high-end electronics which focuses today on mobile phones. The first 10 boutiques opened in 2010 in China and it is expanding rapidly. The pace and speed of the expansion but also the speed and quality of the interiors left us speechless.



Luxury, especially in China, is associated with the past yet ATELIER is showcasing high-tech products with little to none connection to the past.


Atelier is a fusion of both. LCD screens and projections explain high- tech feature. The wall paneling might look last century but it is all CNC cut and intelligent in its functionality.


The overall theme was inspired by Kubrick’s Space Odyssey. There is a scene where Dave Bowman finds himself in the surreal luxury of a 19th century room fused with details technology.



Displays seem to fall in 2 categories. The pretty but non-functional ones (impossible to stock, adjust for brands, rearrange for new collections)or the practical ones which look wrong. ATELIER’s display system is build around a “lego” like system.


The formal simplicity hides an effective system, which allows to change products of different brands in a new and very clean way. Cushions flip around and signing clips on easily via magnets. The orange leather wall cabinets are displays by day and safes by night. Giving an exclusive yet secure environment for exceptional valuable pieces.



All furniture was custom made for the interior, creating a modern, softer feel to counterbalance the overall theme.


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