Pendulum Concept



The TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept, a radical rethink of mechanical time regulation where the traditional hairspring is replaced by an “invisible” or virtual spring derived from magnets. How do you communicate a paradigm shifting concept which revolutionises all before it? What does a pioneering watch look like? These were just a few of the major questions we faced whilst designing this watch.



The Pendulum involved showcasing a part of the watch that is normally hidden from view. We knew from the beginning that all attention should be focussed on this detail. The inner workings should be opened up and celebrated, to acknowledge 150 years of expertise and knowledge distilled into this acheivement, and to cement the position of TAG Heuer as a watchmaking force to be reckoned with for the next 150 years.



The rest of the design was a practice in restraint, remaining faithful to the luxury codes of the Grand Carrera, whilst ensuring that the beating heart of the pendulum movement remained the star. As GQ mentioned “it may sound like mechanical magic but the real witchcraft here is the elegance and simplicity of the watch itself.”



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