TAG Heuer V4 Tourbillon

To celebrate the V4′s 10th anniversary TAG Heuer collaborated with CBD to create an iconic design, celebrating the unique belt driven system with the additional complication of a tourbillon….

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TAG Heuer MikroPendulum S

The future has arrived in the form of the MikroPendulumS, the world’s first magnetic tourbillon. Unveiled recently at Baselworld 2013, our challenge was to celebrate this achievement with something spectacular…

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Baselworld 2013


As well as the groundbreaking MikroPendulumS, we are proud to have designed a whole host of new products in the TAG Heuer line launched at Baselworld 2013…

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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Carrera- 1887 Carbon Matrix

Continuing on from the success of our award winning Mikrogirder design, 2 new products were launched at SIHH…

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TAG Heuer Mikrogirder wins the the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix’s most prestigious distinction

The TAG Heuer Mikrogirder has won this year’s Aiguille d’Or…

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TAG Heuer Mikrotourbillon-S

TAG Heuer’s science and engineering team took the classic tourbillion and developed the fastest most precise tourbillon movement made…

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Link Lady Diamond Star

Introducing a stellar design for the flagship piece of the new Link Lady collection: The Link Lady Diamond Star- launched this year…

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Mikrogirder Launch


The world’s fastest chronograph is launched today. Our design challenge was to turn the traditional…

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Wallpaper* Reebok Collaboration

Reebok active suspension
In association with Reebok, the ultimate running experience of the future. This is the first trainer to create energy and harness…

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Mikrotimer Launch


The Mikrotimer is accurate to a staggering 1/1000th of a second. A chronograph of this calibre is clearly an impressive technical achievement. We wanted the design to reflect …

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Carrera Mikrograph 100th


The 2011 Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrograph, a purely mechanical watch accurate to 1/100th of a second, was designed with the intention to be a timeless classic…

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Pendulum Concept

The TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept, a radical rethink of mechanical time…

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Monaco 24


Forty years after the launch of the first Monaco chronograph with its iconic square dial, we collaborated with the engineers…

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Solar Mosque

The Solar Mosque provides an opportunity to harness free and clean energy for all…

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Grand Carrera Caliber 36 RS

We are proud to have contributed to the Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 36, presented at BaselWorld 2009…

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Diamond Fiction

The fascination with light and energy, within the Christoph Behling Design studio, led to the idea for the “Diamond Fiction” concept piece…

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