Daily Telegraph
Christoph Behling may well be the future of the watch industry…. Wallpaper’s editor-in-chief, Tony Chambers.
Lux Magazine
" The future will demand a much closer collaboration between the arts, technology and sociology to tackle the issues ahead. ...
As Christoph Behling tells Clair Adler, he is hooked on watches.
Reimagining the mobile phone as an object that endures, TAG Heuer calls on a Swiss designer to inject some steel
Telegraph Magazine
Eco Hero Christoph Behling
Christoph Behling isn't into 'alternative'. His passion is designing beautiful solar-centred products to seduce and inspire
Christoph Behling is a man with a vision. A design for life which he hopes will change the habitsof thousands ...
The Times
The only reason that someone will stop wearing a watch that's this well-made is because they bored of the design. ...
ST Telegraph Magazine
 "I think women will like this watch because of its purity, first and foremost" 
The award winning German product designer gives us a tour of his London design studio
Casa Brutus
Introducing TAG Heuer's New Link collection designed by Christoph Behling Design (in Japanese)
FT How to Spend It
Environmental issues have inspired one man to create a solar-powered superyacht that provides a genuine alternative to gas guzzlers, says ...
About Solarlab (in Japanese)
The Financial Times
The SolarShuttle wins Conde Nast Traveller's sustainability award
Men's Health
How to. . . achieve style by stealth
Manager Magazin
About Christoph Behling and TAG Heuer (in German)
GQ - Meridiist
"With the Meridiist, we focused our innovation in one direction. It's designed for performance - performance being the basic requirement ...
Calibre Magazine
"People make the mistake of associating boring design with being timeless. But today's classics are yesterday's avant-garde designs. The Grand ...
"As my understanding of TAG grew, so did my dream to design watches. . . "
Harper's Bazaar
"For the real inspiration of this phone, we didn't go outside of TAG Heuer, we went inside - into the ...
Evening Standard
"The Boat, designed by Christoph Behling, glides silently around the Serpentine powered purely by energy from the sun. "
"SolarLab Serpentine Shuttle, chosen as inspirational Symbol to represent London, advertising Eurostar’s service"
"As designers, we have to deliver something else - an emotion or innovation which fits into our lifestyle. If you ...
Elle Decor
"It's the responsibility of design and its patrons to be at the forefron of sustainable change. I'm allergic to the ...
GQ Speed
"When it comes to creating the objects of tomorrow, Christoph Behling is the man in the know. "
GQ - Grand Carrera
"Haute horologie is about a feeling, but TAG is also about innovation and the avant-garde. So Grand Carrera is innovative ...
Wallpaper - Decade of Design
"Solarlab whose sleek solar-powered Solarshuttle is currently wowing the punters on the Serpentine in London's Hyde Park, firmly believe that ...
"Britain's biggest solar-powered boat debuted in London's Hyde Park, opening what its developers hope is a door to the future ...
Tokei Begin
About TAG Heuer. . . (In Japanese)
World Wide Watch
About TAG Heuer. . . (In Japanese)
Travel Leisure
"The solar shuttle is the innovation of the year - it's unique, and very modern. "
The Quarterly
"You want to capture people's imagination, you don't want your design to be a one-night stand. "
Energy Engineering
"The new Serpentine Solar Shuttle which is set to become the showcase for the future of solar transport in the ...
About Christoph Behling (In Spanish)
Boys Toys
Serpentine Solar Shuttle coverage in Boys Toys magazine.
Electric Boat News
Royal guest on our Solar yacht
A fast-growing, award winning product design studio founded in 2004 and based around Notting Hill, London.


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