Christoph Behling Design is a fast-growing, award winning product design studio founded in 2004 and based in Notting Hill, London.

We are an international design team working in close partnership with global brands to create fresh innovation, always striving to inspire change through the creation of truly unique products that speak for themselves.

The studio is built upon the belief that the challenges of the future require the dynamism of a number of perspectives, brought together in one creative environment. Our designers hail from different continents and cultures allowing us to not only to understand the different demands of Asia, Europe and the Americas, but also to push the cultural boundaries further from our London base.

The designers at Christoph Behling Design are united by their passion for innovation, energy and design as a change agent.
Our work include boats, sunglasses, floating houses, luxury watches, running shoes and toilets.

We are decidedly unfaithful to any one archetype because we see the benefits of drawing inspiration across the least likely objects to create something surprising. This nomadic approach helps us pollenate technologies and thinking across borders and therefore create richer, more stimulating output for our clients.

Words are the new currency owned by everyone – bloggers, tweeters and amateur journalists are king. Marketing can no longer control the messaging around a brand in the same way they could 10 years ago, making the integrity, authenticity and innovation of products more important than ever. Products cannot be subverted, manipulated or spoofed – they are what they are. This is why we are obsessed with making products that go beyond words to become great stories.

"Details are not details, they make the design" Charles Eames

Big broad strokes make good first impressions, but it is the obsessive attention to detail that delivers truly better products. We are driven to perfect the glide of the hinge, the ideal angled chamfer, the texture of the packaging. It is these seemingly invisible details that can create value without increasing cost. Our obsession delivers unique, premium products that reveal their story slowly over time, allowing people to discover new layers of the product at every turn. Details slowly revealed make a product’s success last indefinitely.

We work best in true partnership with our clients – which often means that traditional consultant/client lines need to be crossed.

We have a very close strategic relationship with the management and teams at TAG Heuer, Atelier HC and UNPLUG, but we do so from our ‘outhouse’ in London.

This way, we are intimately involved in the brand and business, but we can infuse our ideas and design with the energy and dynamism of London’s creative hotbed.

It is easy to seduce, but how can we ensure people continue to stay in love with the products they once lusted over?

We don’t believe in throw-away products and fashions – that is too easy a trap to fall into. Bad, disposable design is one of the greatest creators of waste today and we are on a mission to stop this cycle. We invest our time in products that are built to last - and businesses that aim to do the same.

We aim to design for today and tomorrow at once – which is easier said than done, but we are up for the challenge.
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A fast-growing, award winning product design studio founded in 2004 and based around Notting Hill, London.


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