When we started working with the Calibre 36 movement in 2006, we were just as baffled on hearing about this particular conundrum.

This was our design challenge- make the chronograph readable to a tenth of a second. The solution was to utilise the ingenious capabilities of the caliper, in the same way it solves the same problem of measuring small increments too tiny to judge with the human eye. The turning flange on the dial incorporates three caliper scales to read the 1/10th of a second scale.

The caliper design and function made the Grand Carrera Calibre 36 the first to achieve 1/10th precision readability and, at the same time, created a new design typology for chronographs. We are proud to have solved a 40 year old problem through a simple design solution.
Design innovation has created one of the most awarded watches of the last decade.

One legendary movement still produced today is the el-primero or Calibre 36. From its conception over 40 years ago, the movement has had the capacity to be accurate to within 1/10th of a second. However no one has ever managed to display those readings precisely in all these years.

The 1/10th of a second is displayed by the chrono second hand (thin long central hand) but to the pain of watch makers it was impossible to visualize it (you cannot print 10 lines in a space of 2mm and still have it readable to the human eye).
The casedesign is a modified version of the Grand Carrera . The dial with its rotating system and linear second explored new ways to optimize performance and readability for this concept
The Caliper system on the Grand Carrera is a patented innovation.
This is a design driven by logic and a simple idea; an idea strong enough to make this one of the most awarded watches in recent times.

First developed as a concept for Basel 2007, since 2008 it has been a commercial success and endured as a collector's icon.

2008 "Sports Watch of the Year" at the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie in Geneva (the "oscar" of watch design)

Red Dot Design Award 2009

Salon International de Alta Relojeria (SIAR) 2008 (Best Chronograph of the Year )

Fortune Design Award, China 2009
Innovation & design come together to create one of the most successful TAG Heuer talking pieces of all time.
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