Carrera today is not one design, it is one spirit.

From a couple references 10 years ago it has grown into a key pillar for TAG Heuer.

The new designs have reinforced the brand spirit and made TAG Heuer the leading manufacturer of premium chronographs today.

Stretching from the sublime elegant, to the historic, to high-tech.
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Launched in 2007 Grand CARRERA elevated the brand to new heights.
The design, the fit on the wrist, the details, the unique innovations. Together with TH’s team, we created a series of true excellence and a new way to display time
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MONACO’s new designs are as disruptive today as it was 40 years ago.
MONACO shows better than any series how past and future can be designed and admired in parallel. Respectful of Heuers past but not sentimental is our approach to all designs.
From careful re-editions of historic model adapted to todays improved manufacturing to new inventive ways
to create, protect and display time
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Our first designs for the Aquaracer were launched in 2004 and we have designed the Aquaracer series ever since.

The design challenge and reason for its commercial success is the balance between the essential and the unique. One of the key design elements in '04 was the introduction of the "chimney" - creating a distinct look and value while being compatible with large volume production demands.

The 500M, the charismatic high-end series within the Aquaracer collection. unique angular design, the three dimensional bezel, the bespoke helium valve and the textured face, created a very distinct style which won several design awards.
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In 2005 we took over the design of LINK working on the 2007 “facelift”. The new balance between elegance and avant –garde became a great success with the new CALs movement. 2010 saw the launch of the advanced GMT – a great design innovation to navigate timezones wherever you are.

The result of a long and close collaboration with TAG's product team resulted in a totally new design for LINK.

Emphasis on elegance and ergonomics.

It is widely regarded as the most comfortable watch to wear today.
TAG Heuer has become the most successful maker of premium chronographs for men. Our design challenge was to create a unique womens collection to match the success of the men's collection.

Showcasing that TAG Heuer can create the most beautiful Ladies watches today. True to the brands origins while setting new trends for women. The Lady Link was launched by Cameron Diaz in Basel 2012.
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The entry point into the TAG Heuer universe, in terms of price, with an distinct and unique design.

It shows the amazing spectrum which TAG Heuer achieves. We started to design all Formula 1 products in 2004.
All credit for the idea of the F1 ceramic belongs to CEOJean-Christophe Babin.
We focussed on the aesthetic balance and introduced subtle new design elements.
It is one of the most successful designs for ladies today.

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